Clean Plate Club

Who here is a member of the Clean Plate Club?  *Raise hand here*

I know I’m guilty of this OFTEN.  I suppose it’s just ingrained in my head ever since I was little.  I’m even guilty of telling my daughter  to eat everything on her plate.  I really want to try not to tell her that because as a kid you know if you’re hungry or not.  You don’t have any preconceived notions that well it’s lunch time so I should eat or I spent money on this so I don’t want to waste it.  Kids just know and I as a parent should let her make that choice.  As long as I’m putting healthy choices in front of her, I should be OK with how much she eats.  Obviously I won’t let her just eat junk all the time, but if she’s eating the right foods and full, so be it!

Now if I could only apply those rules to myself.  Never too late to learn, right?

More to come on this topic!

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