Prep Days

Back in October 2010 I joined SlimGenics and I began my weight loss journey.  It was a success.  I was even a success story and ended up on!

Success StoryI was so happy to have hit my goal.  It felt amazing.  I felt amazing!  However over the past few years the weight is creeping back on and it really scares me.  I keep talking about how I want to change my eating habits and/or starting to exercise, but talk is all it is, no action.

Today I took some action.  I’ve been looking over my SlimGenics materials over the past week and it just happened.  I went to the grocery store today to pick up just a few fruits and vegetables and I ended up buying everything I need for a three-day prep!


Tomorrow I will start.  I am prepared.  I’ve already packed my lunch and planned my food for tomorrow.

6.11.13 Food (1)

Washing, chopping and prepping is a lot of work.  I usually hate doing it, but today it felt good.  I knew I was doing a good thing for myself.  I need to remember to just keep my food planned and know that I have done this before and that I can do it again!

Wish me luck!!!

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One Response to Prep Days

  1. Good luck, lady!! 🙂

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