Prep Days Flop?

I’m trying not to say I’m a complete failure, but it’s hard not to think that way.  I started the Three-day prep (from the SlimGenics program) on Wednesday and the only “cheat” I had that day that was off plan was 1/2 grapefruit, so that I’m counting as OK.  Then Thursday I did fine too, again another 1/2 grapefruit.  I weighed in Friday morning and was down 3 pounds, but I dismissed that as if it didn’t count.

Everything was going well when I had it planned out until Friday afternoon.  Work closes at Noon on Friday and I packed a mini lunch and ate that before I left for the day, but I had to run errands after work and eventually got really hungry and reached for the easiest thing…….fast food.  NOOOOOOOOOOO.  I had a wrap and fries and thought I totally failed.  Later that night I tracked calories and realized I still ate way less calories that day than I would have normally, so I’m trying to be nice to myself.  By the end of the night I was so frustrated at myself and wanted to give up and eat ice cream, somehow I didn’t, but I still felt horrible about myself.

This morning I weighed myself after the ending of my three-day prep and I was down one pound.  REALLY?  Fail!  I just feel like I shouldn’t even try.  I don’t even know why I countinue to try at all.  I feel like a flop.  I want to give up.

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2 Responses to Prep Days Flop?

  1. I know that you feel like a failure, but I wanted to point something out. In looking at your ‘My Transformation’ pics, your current pic looks A LOT more like your “After” SG pic than your “Before” pic and it’s 3 years later!! You are not a failure!!

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