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Day 1

Yesterday was “day 1” of my new goal. 30 days of trying…. I want to lose weight but try for a day and then forget about trying or eat something “bad” and say screw it. Well now I’m going to … Continue reading

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Instant Satisfaction

I came across a post today “Instant vs Delayed Gratification” and realized that I hardly say no to myself when it comes to food AND if I do say no it doesn’t last long as I usually give in.  I … Continue reading

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Prep Days Flop?

I’m trying not to say I’m a complete failure, but it’s hard not to think that way.  I started the Three-day prep (from the SlimGenics program) on Wednesday and the only “cheat” I had that day that was off plan … Continue reading

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Prep Days

Back in October 2010 I joined SlimGenics and I began my weight loss journey.  It was a success.  I was even a success story and ended up on! I was so happy to have hit my goal.  It felt … Continue reading

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Be Proud for Exercise

Yay, I’ve been proud of myself for starting to exercise a bit more.  I am signed up for two 5K runs and I wanted to be able to do them without feeling like a complete idiot who is out of breath … Continue reading

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Smoothie Kick!

I’m on a smoothie kick.  Well, actually I have been for a few weeks, but I’ve been going to this smoothie place by my house and buying them, until I tried making them at home.  It works and tastes yummy. … Continue reading

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A little overhang

Most days while sitting at work I try to squeeze closer to my desk so that I can see the screen better  and something happens.  It is in the area of my body that I dread.  It happens when I … Continue reading

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