Day 1

Yesterday was “day 1” of my new goal. 30 days of trying…. I want to lose weight but try for a day and then forget about trying or eat something “bad” and say screw it. Well now I’m going to try to write daily to hold myself more accountable. I have a weight goal. An attainable number to reach and I also think I want to add, exercise 3 times per week. 

Day 1: it went OK. I had a bunch of times where I wanted to eat, especially candy but realized I wasn’t actually hungry i just had the thought of that habit of always eating.

I did get myself to go to the exercise room and walked for 20 minutes at about 3.3-3.5mph. My shins really tightened up and hurt. Then for about 5 minutes I did some arm weights.  The next day I’m sore.

I drank about 3 glasses of water and didn’t snack after dinner or drink alcohol at all.

Things I noticed about yesterday:
-yay for not drinking alcohol!
-Yay for exercising!
-Being sore today makes me not want to exercise today
-I could drink more water
-try to eat smaller portions
-yay I had a vegetable as a snack!

That’s all for today!

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