Ups and Downs of Weightloss

First of all, Happy New Year!  Apparently we have made it to another year and imagine that ….the world did NOT end!  Everyone seems to be reflecting on the past year and making resolutions.  I don’t typically make resolutions and this year will be the same, but I do want to stay healthy!

I looked back at some numbers of my weight the past few years and it has me thinking.  On one hand I think I’ve done well and on the other hand I feel like I am not doing so well.

Here is a breakdown of the last couple years:

  • Jan 2013 – 196 pounds (gained 18 pounds since last year)
  • Jan 2012 – 178 pounds
  • Jan 2011 – 183 pounds (was at my lowest at 153 this year)
  • Feb 2010 – 215 pounds
  • Jan 2009 – 233 pounds (was at my highest at 239 this year)

I want to think that I did manage to go from 239 pounds down to 153 pounds in a decent time span, but then I’ve gained a lot back, which makes me feel bad.  I’m trying to remember that I weight just over what I did during end of high school and college, so that’s not bad, right?  I mean over the years my weight has been semi-stable (except the years listed above).  I wear a smaller size in clothes and I want to be happy about that, but somehow it just doesn’t seem good enough.

So, what is it that I want?  I want to not be considered “Overweight”.  I plugged my information into a BMI Calculator ( and I wasn’t too pleased.  I know that I shouldn’t base my worth on numbers, but it’s hard.  Look, I’m only .1 away from being considered obese.  That makes me feel horrible.


So, I want to be at a healthy weight and I want to fit into the wardrobe that is in my closet.  I don’t feel like I’m asking too much, but I do need to do the work to get there.  I need to learn with the discomfort of wanting to eat super unhealthy and find alternatives.  Basically I need to review my distress tolerance skills to cope.

Tomorrow I’m going to start eating healthier.  I bought fruits and veggies already.  I even chopped the vegetables up already so they’re ready when I want them!  I did Wii Zumba Core yesterday too, so if I can take small steps forward I will do OK.

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