Alternatives to snacking

A while back I posted a blog, Solutions to Intense Cravings, about alternative ideas to help me when I felt like snacking. I’m sure going to need this list today since I’m home all day.  I was awaken about 3am with a sick child, no fun!  So I’m home today from work and therefore I get bored and am really wanting to snack.  I already ate breakfast (two instant oatmeal packets), a snack (a large apple with cinnamon and sugar) and lunch (white rice)….yes I know lunch wasn’t the greatest options, so in the future I need to plan a bit better.  I need to arm my house with healthy options so that I can have them readily available to make.

I am still dedicated to fitting into my goal jeans that I talked about the other day, so I want to do some sort of physical activity today and limit my snacking.

I should live to eat….I should eat to live.  Too bad foods can be so darn delicious.

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