Change = Paralyzed

Change…we all must do it at times.  Sometimes is great and sometimes not so much.  I know that losing weight is a change and that it can be a good thing, but when I think about changing up what I do now I get paralyzed.

I’m such a creature of habit that I’ll get an idea into my head and be into “it” (whatever it may be – eating smaller portions, drinking more water, cutting back on soda, exercising X/week, ect.), but I do it for a day or two, maybe three and suddenly I’m back to my normal routine.  Feels like I just can’t get out of my routine.  Then when I say yes I’m really going to buckle down and make this change I freeze up.

I want to be healthy, lose weight and/or be happy with my body.  I’m not sure how the change to do SlimGenics back in October of 2010 happened, but it came on very strong and I stuck to that lifestyle over seven months.  I have no idea where that motivation and dedication came from, but it felt great.  I know making a change for my health will feel good so why don’t I do it now?  Why do I get so scared and do nothing instead?

I know I can do so many things.  Do I not make the change because I like how I am now?  Do I think it’ll just be too hard so I don’t try?  Do I not believe in myself?  I wish I knew how to overcome my paralysis and to get on the band wagon again.

Sometimes change sucks.

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