Curse you sweets

Me: Hmm, I think I have a dollar in my purse

Me: Well you should go get candy

Me: Ok, candy here I come

Me: There is nothing in the vending machine I want

Me: That’s ok just get something anyways

Me: But nothing sounds good

Me: Oh well, just get candy

Me: Ok

*Eating candy bar*

Me: This doesn’t even taste that good

Me: Meh, eat it anyways

Me: You should really stop

Me: Almost done, might as well finish, plus I don’t want to waste a dollar


Well that was my candy bar monologue for the day.  No need to mention that for breakfast I had a 600 calorie coffee, two other pieces of chocolate at lunch, and now ice cream for snack. 

Curse you sweets!

P.S. Good thing I have the Eating Disorder Clinic assessment on Friday.  I need to figure out how to do something about my habits. *Sigh*

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