Weekend Thoughts

The weekend of July 13th I went down to Iowa to meet my boyfriend’s family for the first time.  It was very nice.  I was happy to meet them all!  We did a lot of eating.  It was home cooked – Grandma and Mom meals!  I feel that I did a pretty good job of not overeating by too much.  I ate until I was full, and then I stopped.  Sure my portions may be out of whack, but I think it was pretty OK.  We’ll see tomorrow though when I step on the scale for the weekly weigh in.

 One thought that I had was that maybe I should cut back on drinking alcohol or other caloric beverages.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t drink too much, but probably more excess calories then I really need.  I also have heard that alcohol consumption slows your metabolism, but I have not done much research on the correlation.  Any health experts out there have some insight on this topic for me?

 Although we did get some exercise in this past weekend too, which was great since I wouldn’t normally do it on my own, but my boyfriend suggested and encouraged that we go on a hike while we were camping since there were some trails.  We did a hike one day and the next day we took a nice walk around the lake.  I’ll take that as progress!

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