Excuses and Negative Thoughts

I woke up feeling cranky today.  Initially it was just about exercise (yes that was the very first thing on my mind this morning). I woke up thinking that I should set my alarm earlier once or twice a week to get up and do some sort of exercise in the morning.  That would make sense, but then my brain started being negative thinking things about how I wouldn’t be able to stick to that or that I’d give up.  Basically all I had were thoughts of failure. 

 I realized that it’s that exact sort of thinking that holds me back.  I don’t believe in myself.  I always have a negative reaction or excuse that is stopping me from trying.  It’s really frustrating because I know I can accomplish many things.  I am a very capable person; however I don’t give myself enough credit anymore.

 I expect immediate results.  I am very impatient and when I get a plan in my head I’ll do it for a day or so, but I expect things to change rapidly and as you know for lasting results things won’t change like that.  It takes time and effort.

 I have time, but I’d rather use it to sit on the couch looking up stupid things online.  I have the tools, but I don’t want to go to the tiny fitness center because it seems boring, or because I’d have to bring my daughter.  I can’t go to a fitness club because I can’t afford it or I don’t want to put my daughter in daycare longer.  I can’t go for a bike ride because I have a flat tire.  I can’t walk on break during work because I don’t want to get sweaty.  Do you notice a pattern here?  EXCUSES.  That’s all I have stopping me. Damn excuses.  There are some valid points, however there are ways around things or other solutions. 

 I’m being resistant.  It is hard to change my daily habits.  I am a creature of habit and exercise and eating right are not habits.  You’d think I would have learned a habit from doing the SlimGenics program for seven months and eating healthy.  Those “habits” didn’t last too long after I ended the program and that was my downfall.

 I know the excuses I have; I just don’t know how to get out of this funk. *Wait, technically how long is a funk?  Can it last for years?  Hmm….

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