Yesterday I did a ten minute walk during break at work.  Yay me, right?

I  know it doesn’t sound like a big deal and I completely diminish my effort, but it was something at least.  I said I’d go for a quick walk (Note: I was in dress shoes) and once I made it around the little path I was going to take it had only been five minutes and I was going to go back in. Nooooo, I told myself I was going to do a ten minute walk and gosh darn it that is what I was going to do, so I continued.

I was pretty proud that I forced myself to do that, but at the same time I felt crappy.  I felt crappy for complaining about a ten minute walk.  REALLY?  You can’t walk for ten minutes?

So, anyways I did it, I tried to diminish it yet I talked myself out of that and told myself it was a good thing.

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