What to do?

After reading a blog I follow “Size 16 to Size 6?” I realized that I really need to stop being a fake size 12, like she mentions.  A size is just a number right?  It shouldn’t determine how I feel about myself, yet numbers affect me.

I weigh myself every Tuesday (I used to do it way more frequently and that was just a bad idea).  No, I’m not on a weight loss regimen at the moment, but I do like to see where I’m at to try to maintain my previous weight loss.  Lately I’ve been noticing a slow increase over time and it’s constantly bothering me.  I can’t help but get stuck on this number.  I worked so hard to lose weight and now I feel that I’m failing and that its all going to come back.

Do I want to diet again, get all obsessiveness and go crazy over calories and food I should or shouldn’t eat?  The answer would be no, but do I want to be conscious of my food choices and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

You see I know what I should do, but I just can’t seem to get control of my actions or get motivated to do what I need to.  I know the pros of getting healthy/losing weight/exercise.  I know it feels great to achieve whatever it is that you set out to do, but how do I get that motivation back?  I know I’ve done great things before, but for some reason I don’t believe in myself this time.  That is a problem…..

So, I’m asking you what ideas you might have that would help me get re-motivated and to believe in myself and take some action!  Comment below please!

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