Long time gone

Sorry all.  I know I’ve been gone a long time from actual blogging and to be honest, I’m not sure how soon I’d actually get back into it either 😦

I used Changes Next Exit as a place to vent, get advice and to explain my journey to others.  I’m not by any means saying that my journey is over, just that it feels under control at the moment and that I don’t have anything interesting to blog about.

Honestly, yes I do feel bad about it because I really enjoyed blogging and having some faithful readers.  Now, don’t go and remove my blog from your reading pleasures because I will pop in and out, just not consistently.

I hope all of you are doing well with wherever you are on your journey!

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2 Responses to Long time gone

  1. Kandi says:

    Just came across your blog and wanted to say great job. I (like many) totally identify with the struggle to lose weight, get healthy, and maintain.

    I laughed because we are similar in some ways-I live in MN too…and I’m 30 and have been driving a minivan for a few years…haha. Go minivans!

    Anyhow keep up the great work and I do hope you come back regularly, even if not often, to update.

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