Google Search Rocks!

So, I just Googled “SlimGenics Blog” and my blog (yes this one!) came up on the first page of search results!!  Holy Moly! I’m super excited to see that it came up so quickly 🙂

Then I Googled “SlimGenics” and Changes Next Exit came up on the second page of search results.  Wow!  I’m impressed.

I know that my blog has evolved from being about the SlimGenics program, but that’s where the credit needs to be given.  It was the program that finally worked for me!  I lost 66 pounds in seven months thanks to them!  It was amazing.  Now, with Changes Next Exit I’m focusing more on my life and my weight loss / weight maintenance journey (it depends on the day).

If you enjoy my blog, please let your friends know!  You can Tweet about it, share it on Facebook or even put on your blogroll if you write your own blog.

I appreciate all my faithful readers and love getting new ones – Thank you all!!!!

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One Response to Google Search Rocks!

  1. Danielle says:

    I’ve been informed that Google personalizes your search results so therefore I may not be as cool as I think 😦 That news totally crushed me. I thought my site was doing well, but oh well! I’m still happy to be writing about my journey! Hope you all enjoy it!

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