Feeling Down

This week on Weight Watchers has been really good.  I was feeling great and proud that I have been sticking to my points.  I wasn’t even using my extra weekly points.  Then I bombed.  For starters I had Leeann Chin on Friday night.  I still was within my points for the day because I had made really good choices all day, so that was fine.  Then Saturday came and I a healthy dinner planned and ended up not wanting to cook and resorted to ordering pizza, wings and breadstick.  BAD idea, I totally went over my daily points and used all my weekly points.  Today I made cookies with my friend and daughter and didn’t want to bring any home because I knew I’d eat them and I did 😦  Then I proceed to eat two pieces of that leftover pizza.  GAH!!!!!  I hope I can at least maintain my weight from last week.

I did try to do some Zumba today to try and help a little bit, but I only made it 15 minutes before I gave up and stopped.  I then did some self care by showering and took a nap, it felt nice.  I just feel down that all my efforts all week went down the toilet all because of a few bad choices and that I’m just wasting money on the Weight Watchers Online PointsPlus Program since I’m sucking it up.

I guess we’ll see how the rest of my week goes.  Tuesday is when I weigh in and my points start over.  I do feel happy that I was doing really well and I shouldn’t be so hard on myself for eating out occasionally.  I mean seriously that’s what real like if like.  I guess I just get caught up on wanting to lose weight and not wasting my program.  I don’t know…..

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2 Responses to Feeling Down

  1. Angie says:

    Dani, I know how easy it is to be hard on yourself – I do it too. It’s so hard to see our own situation the way we would see it if it were someone else… 😦

    Your whole week was NOT wasted. Think of the results had you eaten like that ALL WEEK and not made those good choices.

    Think of it as practice for maintenance. Making good choices most of the time, with the occasional splurge. 😉

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