Are you ready? Reflection post

“It’s all about the choices you make.  Don’t let one off meal or day or week throw you off plan.  Stay committed, start each day new.”

I found an old post Are you ready? and realized that I’m too hard on myself….OK, OK, I knew that about myself already, but  *whack* it hit me again.  I let myself get thrown off by one meal, one day, one week and so on.  Who cares if I’ve been off my rocker for weeks now, just get back on, riiiiight?  I have such a black and white thought process about this whole thing that it just puts me into a spin thinking that I can’t do this and that I’ll never be able to succeed at this again.

I never believed that I could do the SlimGenics Program in the first place.  I never thought that I could lose weight by eating right, but I did and I was successful, and I am still successful for keeping most of it off.  Yes, I say I’m failing, but I’m not.  I’m just being too hard on myself.  I am maintaining, just not at a the number that I’d like to be and that’s OK.  I need to be OK with that until I’m ready.  I need to just focus on one meal at a time.  I need to get a plan together for healthy, readily available, simple meals or food choices so that I can make those good decisions when it’s time to eat.

I can do this and so can you, if you’re ready……

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