What doesn’t work

I’ve been eating crap fast food for over a week straight now, you know how that makes me feel?  Like crap.

Eating junk everyday doesn’t work, it just doesn’t.  I’m going to use exuses for the first few days because when moving and everything is packed it’s just impossible to eat decently, especially with so much else on my mind.  Then I moved and needed to unpack, OK I get the kitchen unpacked, yet still have so much to do that I still don’t cook.  That doesn’t work either.

I know and am OK with the fact that I forgot about my “diet” and eating habits during the past few weeks.  I’ve been so overwhelmed with other aspects of life that something had to be let go of.  Now that the dust is settling (for now), I’d like to try to grab a hold some stable healthy eating habits again.  I know it’s not really an excuse that when something else comes up that I put my eating habits aside, but that’s such a hard area for me that it’s too hard to focus on it when there are other hard things going on.  I’m not sure how to balance it all out.

You know what did work?  SlimGenics.  It really really really worked well for me, and I wish I could wrap my head around those practices again – maybe not all of them, but a lot of them.  I’m not sure how or where my previous motivation came from but I did it before and I want to believe that I could do it again.  If I don’t believe in myself, it won’t work.

I need a plan of action.  I should start by making a meal plan and grocery list for a few days and take one day at a time to stick to the meals I’ve planned out instead of visiting a McDonald’s so often.

I hope I can figure it all out!

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2 Responses to What doesn’t work

  1. Angie says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself – dieting and eating healthy when moving has proven to be almost impossible for me!! Your entire life is packed up and you’re at the mercy of what you can grab quickly. Our world doesn’t have a lot of healthy options in that arena. 😉

    Now that you’re getting settled, a plan is the best plan! I have found that without a plan, no matter my intentions, I will just continue to fail.

  2. Sarah says:

    Don’t give up! You have the tools to make it happen! 🙂

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