How am I doing?

I’ve had a couple people check in on me to ask how I am doing.  I find that super sweet and really appreciate those who care about my well being although they don’t even know me in person.  I admit I have been struggling a lot lately.  I thought things would be getting better but that didn’t seem to happen the way I expected, so I’m just plowing through life trying to keep my head above water.  It’s seems more as I’m just treading water and slowly losing in the weight/food area, but I’m still trying so that’s a positive.

I’m not sure what to do to get my head back into the game.  I want to try to create a plan or analyze why I’m doing these certain things, but when I try to do that I’m either busy, interrupted or too wiped out too think.

Work has been a major source of stress lately and today was my last day at that company.  Someone asked me how I am feeling about leaving a company after almost four years.  Honestly I don’t feel anything besides some nerves about starting a new job.  I’m scared that I’ll fail.  I don’t know why I always assume that I’ll fail when I’m not failing if I’m trying and I always try.  I’m sure things will be fine!

So, I have Thursday and Friday off and have scheduled some “me” time!  Couple things on the agenda for tomorrow is to drop my daughter off at daycare then come home and do whatever I want until I have an orthodontist appointment, then I scheduled a massage and finally meeting with my financial planner before picking my daughter up for the evening.  Friday I don’t have anything planned besides bringing my daughter to daycare then coming home to hopefully scrapbook or go through pictures or whatever I feel like!  I’m excited 🙂

Life overall is good, it’s just that my emotions and reactions have been out of whack for a while.  I can’t meet with my doctor for a while now because 1. I don’t have health insurance now and 2. she is out on leave, but I think I’ll be able to manage until my next appointment.

Anyways, I hope my readers are having a fantastic evening!  (Ha, I keep thinking it’s Friday night, when it’s totally  not.  LOL)

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