Who cares?…..I do

So, I wrote the post Who Cares? last week.  I’ve been having such a hard time lately, and I decided to take a mini-break from “diet” thinking.  I didn’t weigh myself, and I ate however I felt inclined to do so.  I did OK, I felt like eating salads so I did, but I also ate burgers, pizza, drank alcohol, so I’m not sure that it was balanced. 

I did weigh in this morning and gained 4 pounds – so obviously doing things my way are not good.  So, you wanna know who cares?  I do….I am the person who is the hardest on me and I really do care about a number.  I know that the SlimGenics program works and I’d like to find a balance to eat similar to the SlimGenics plan and finding a way to incorporate real life, but I’m not sure how to get my mental sanity back.

I’ve been having many challenges lately and yes they have gotten better, but I’m still not sure how to get my drive back and to keep myself accountable.  I thought about joining SlimGenics again for some renewal weeks, however working with my doctor we realized that I need more than SlimGenics can provide for me at this time.  I already have all the information that they can give me, I just need to use it.  I need someone to help me challenge all my mental blocks dealing with my food issues.  I’m really not sure what my plan is or where I’m going from here.  All I know is that something needs to change, but I’m not sure that I have the strength to do anything about it right now.  I feel lost inside myself.

I’m glad to have this SlimGenics blog where I can write out my thoughts and feelings and I’m trying not to be such a downer lately, which is why I haven’t been writing as much.  Thanks for those who are still following me!

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