Frustrations and Positives

I feel like I have so much to say and I keep thinking of post topics yet it seems whenever I go to write, I go blank.  Or should I say whenever I have time to write (which is very limited) my brain turns off because life has been so stressful lately.  I’m still trying to find a balance and it doesn’t seem to be working so well.

My two main sources of frustration lately have been my job and food (surprise, surprise, right?)  I’m trying to find a balance and just handle what comes my way with work, but it seems that I just get really stressed and then old habits kick in and I want to eat eat and eat more.

Despite my poor food choices I have been tracking my food and calories even if I’m not staying within my calorie range at least I’m paying attention which I think is very good.  I’m still only weighing myself twice a week which seems to be better for me.  I also have done Zumba four times this week!  That is a major success for me since I haven’t exercised in a long time and basically loathe it – I have another post on a similar topic.  I’m only on a 7-day trial pass to a gym, which is over tomorrow and I’m not sure that buying a membership is worth it.  I probably will only go to Zumba, and I don’t think I’ll use many of the features and it’s an expensive gym.  So, I’m trying to weigh the options and see what is the best choice for me.

As you can see I have some positive things and some stressful things happening.  There has been another very hard thing for me happening lately and I’ll try to blog about that soon.

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