Epic Fail

Let’s just say that yesterday was an Epic Fail, food wise. I didn’t eat too much food per say, but more of too much of one food that was very high in calories. I even felt sick because of it. I should have learned my lesson by now, but obviously I have not. I’m not sure what my deal is with sweets and over indulging in them. Hello, where is the moderation. Well it’s sure not here.

Today, I’m trying to get back on track, but once I go off and have a few bad days I just want to say screw it and spiral down, but I’m trying really hard not to do that. I did well for a few days, lost a few pounds and was really excited about that.

I’m trying to decide what to eat for dinner and it’s frustrating me. I HATE thinking about meals, food, cooking, grocery shopping and spending money. It’s just makes me want to cry. Not lying, I even teared up in the store yesterday and had to leave. Mostly because I went in unprepared and hungry so I couldn’t think. I’m starting my grocery list now and so far all I’ve written down is Greek Yogurt. I’m stumped on what to buy for meals. GRRR.

Well off to think of meals (I will try not to stress too much!).

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One Response to Epic Fail

  1. Lauren says:

    Have you ever watch Hungry Girl or been to the Hungry-Girl.com website? I love all of her stuff and she has some great tips and tricks! She has a new book coming out in October that I just pre-ordered called the “Super Market Survival Guide”. Anyways, spend several hours surfing that site (believe me a few minutes will not suffice I have already saved about 50 recipes I want to try when I hit Maintenance. Hope this helps!

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