Calorie Wise

Calorie wise I’ve been doing well since Monday.  I had decided to make a much more conscious effort into tracking my food since I realized how much I gained recently.

To lose 1 pound per week according to my goal is to stay around 1,450 calories per day.

Monday: 1, 012- did well and stayed on the SlimGenics eating plan!

Tuesday: 874 – yes that seems SO low, but I did get a lot of food in, just lots of low calorie items.  I didn’t realize until the evening when I tracked the calories just how low it was.

Wednesday: 1,691 – I didn’t bring lunch to work today and intended to go out and get a salad from the Cub Foods salad bar, but something unexpected came up and I had to grab something to eat from the cafeteria at work – my bad for being unprepared.

Overall things seem to be evening out for the past few days, I hope that shows some results on the scale on Friday!!!  I’ll keep you posted.

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2 Responses to Calorie Wise

  1. Lauren says:

    What calorie counter do you prefer? Is myfitnesspal your favorite? Is there an iphone app? I am three weeks away from balance so I am trying to slowly prepare myself to be off plan.

    • Danielle says:

      I really do like my to track calories. I know there is an android app as I use it so I’d imagine there is one for the iPhone.

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