Please Welcome Jeff, a SlimGenics Success Story!

Please welcome Jeff, a real SlimGenics success story who wants to share his journey with you.  Jeff has been an inspiration to many.  He is passionate, driven and has been successful at the thing we all want to do…..lose the weight.  Please read what Jeff has to share with us and then you can also watch his story, it’s amazing!  Thanks Jeff for being my guest blogger and representing the SlimGenics program with all your heart!

Hi Danielle! Thanks for letting me be a guest on your blog, and take an opportunity to share some of my experiences with your readers. I really enjoy your blog posts, and I especially appreciate your honesty about the ups and downs that you have had. I think it’s hard for people who have never struggled with this to understand. I lost 110 pounds with the help of the SlimGenics program, and I feel awesome! However; there are some realities that still exist in my life which I can never lose sight of.

I am a food addict. Let me say that again – I AM A FOOD ADDICT. Our society tends to look at people who are overweight, and assume that they are lazy, gluttonous pigs who have no control or willpower to stay away from the buffet line. WRONG!! When someone is overweight or obese, there is much more going on there, and, like with any addiction – without treatment there is little hope!

My food addiction contributed to my obesity. At my heaviest, I was 305.5 pounds. On a 6’ frame, that puts me at morbidly obese. It was not uncommon for me to stop at McDonalds on my way home for dinner. I would have my “usual” – a large Big Mac value meal, a Filet-O-Fish sandwich, and if I was hungry, a 6 piece Chicken Mcnugget as a side. I would sit in my car, inhale the food, and then throw all evidence away. That might sound ridiculous, but if you drive through any fast food parking lot at any given time, I bet you’ll find quite a few of my fellow food addicts doing the same thing. That’s not as uncommon as you might think. Upon arriving home, my wife and I would figure out what we wanted for dinner, and I would certainly not let her know about the 2,050 calories that I just had 15 minutes earlier.

That is a sickness. I could not stop, and putting a band-aid on the problem just wasn’t going to fix it. I would imagine that a diet for a food addict is akin to suggesting that a heroin addict reduce their use to a lesser amount just until they aren’t as sick, and then once they feel OK, resume normal activity. See, that’s the thing. A diet doesn’t address the real problem. The problem is me, and once my diet is done, I will just go right back to my same behavior – the habits that I’ve always known.

During my weight loss, it would infuriate me when people asked me about my diet. I was very quick to explain that SlimGenics is not a diet – it is a new way of life for me. For the first time, I was actually getting treatment for my addiction. I am proud to say – it is working. I reached my goal weight of 190 pounds in August 2010. I have maintained it perfectly, and my new life is amazing. I am a different person inside and outside. I have to reiterate though that it is (present-tense) working. I have to actively continue treating my addiction with the tools that have been provided for me, and the skills that I have learned through the SlimGenics program. If I don’t continue to work very hard to be able to continue enjoying this new life, I know that I would be right back to the old one very quickly. No thanks!! This one is much better. I just can’t ever forget where I have come from. The minute that I do, I am dead. No exaggeration – DEAD.

If you are an addict, please know that there is help. SlimGenics has been perfect for me, but I am not suggesting that it’s a “one size fits all” type of thing. Some people might need different or additional help. Danielle has found it; I have found it, and once you reach out and ask for it… It’s as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. I am not saying it is easy, I am saying that it’s simple. If I can do it, anyone can. Don’t ever feel like you can’t!

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