Life after SlimGenics Q & A

What’s something that I do now that I didn’t do before SlimGenics?

I consume water on a daily basis. I consciously make an effort to aim for 80 ounces per day.  Now I don’t always reach that amount, but I usually get at least 40 ounces, which is WAY more than I was consuming previously, if you can believe that.

Do I have a (health or weight related) goal in mind at the moment?

I recently began thinking about this and realized, no not really besides trying to maintain my weight. Well I don’t think that is specific enough. There are a number of things that have crossed my mind, but don’t give them much thought nor did I put action behind them. I would like to expand on this at a later time when I’ve given some ideas the time they deserve.

During the SlimGenics program I had a specific goal in mind and knew what to do to accomplish that along with some guidance.  Having a S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goal in mind really helped me achieve the results that I wanted.  Now I just need to find another S.M.A.R.T goal to strive for!

How did I succeed on the SlimGenics program?

There were a number of things that contributed to my success and it wasn’t just all me. I had a lot of support, friends, family and many people that I didn’t even personally know. Now that may sound strange that people I didn’t know helped me out tremendously, but it’s true.

There were the SlimGenics counselors, which I seen multiple times a week. In the beginning of my program I went to the center 5-6 times per week to check in. I weighed in, went over my food journal (which I  tracked religiously), asked any questions and received support, if necessary.

I was also ready to make a change, I had the drive and energy to do it finally.  I was committed and I did it.  I’m not sure where that all came from, but it was there inside of me!

Am I comfortable with my weight now?

That’s a question that has a multiple answers.  Immediately when I thought of that my question my answer “No”.  I’m not happy with my weight.  All I can think about is that I’m 14 pounds above my lowest and I’m scared as heck to get “fat” again; however I could be thinking “wow, I’m 72 pounds lighter than my highest weight.   That is a significant amount of weight that I’ve lost and I should be really proud and happy about losing that much.  So, I’m on again, off again if I’m satisfied with where I’m at.  I’m a perfectionist in so many ways that nothing I do ever seems to be good enough.

I am confident that I have the knowledge that SlimGenics taught me to get me back to a place where I could feel comfortable (number wise).  I just need to find that drive and energy that I once had.  Tomorrow is another day, maybe I’ll find it there.

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