Philadelphia Here I Come!

Well tomorrow morning – very early, I’m headed on a plane out to Philadelphia to visit a great friend! I haven’t seen her in forever, so this will will have an awesome time.

We’re headed to NYC on Saturday as well.

I’m hoping that together we can make healthy food options (as she’s lost a TON of weight as well and is maintaining the healthy lifestyle!) and we’ll be walking a lot as well. That would be awesome if I could come home a few pounds lighter. Hehe, we’ll see what happens! But as I say there are no calories in food when you’re with great friends! Right?!?

I can’t wait to see her and the two cities (Philly and NYC)

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4 Responses to Philadelphia Here I Come!

  1. Angie says:

    Ooh!! Sounds like a fabulous time!

    Never been to Philadelphia, but I just ADORE NYC!! You won’t believe the amazing energy that city has. I can just walk and walk for days there and not even notice I’m doing it because I’m so energized.

    HAVE FUN!! 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      It had been do fun in Philly! We’ve walked a lot, did some sight seeing and shopping. Now off to NYC for some exciting adventures!

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