Hesitant to Post…..

I’m very hesitant to admit this, but I thought I’d give an update on my weight maintenance.

My weight loss goal was to hit 155 pounds.  I instead beat that and got to 153 (according to the SlimGenics scale).  Right after I hit 153 I went on vacation, a much needed vacation; however it started to throw me off.  Ever since then it’s been a struggle to maintain.  A daily challenge that I’m not happy about, but such is life.

I now weigh 164.5 (according to my home scale).  Not happy about that and I want to fix it and bring it down some.  I need to try hard and it’s so difficult to stay focused.  I know I can lose weight, I lost 86 pounds, so I can lose these few.  I just need to be my own cheerleader!!!

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3 Responses to Hesitant to Post…..

  1. Miranda says:

    You can do it Danielle! I know you can and YOU know you can!

  2. Lauren Bomar says:

    You can do it! You are such an inspiration and I know that you have the strength and resolve to do it!

  3. Jenny Curry says:

    You have a crowd of cheerleaders right here! You can do it! Loosing weight and staying healthy is the hardest task out there. But you’ve done it once, you can do it again. Good luck!

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