Changes Ahead – Priorities

Priorities.  Everyone has them.  Everyone has different ones.

Lately I’m beginning to question or rethink what my priorities are in life.  What is it that I want to accomplish and what do I need to do to get there.  Some of my priorities now are different than they were a year ago and some may be different different in the future.

Starting in October of 2010 one of my biggest priorities was losing weight, learning to eat healthier and learning about myself.  I did well.  I followed the SlimGenics program (which I LOVE by the way and highly recommend) and I lost the weight.  I learned to feel great, learned more and more to love myself and it somehow inspired me to take a look a life differently and figure out what it is that I wanted.

For the longest time I just tried to stay afloat in the waters of life.  I didn’t sink, but I didn’t swim forward.  Was I content?  I thought so for the most part, but deep down I knew I wasn’t.  It’s been a tough life and I just didn’t feel that I had the energy or courage to take on more.  I had many outlets, most which were not healthy and food was one of them.  Food was high on the priority list because I lived to eat, I needed it.  It was always there for me.

However it took me to a sad place, a place I didn’t want to be.  I was obese.  At my highest weight I was 239 pounds and 5′ 8″ tall.  I tried to shift my focus and started working out.  I dropped 20 pounds on my own over a long course of time but it wasn’t stable.  At 219 pounds I decided to start SlimGenics.  I was committed, I started a SlimGenics blog (that you see has evolved into more) and I set it as a high priority.  I hit my goal, lowered my goal, hit that and eventually made it to my final goal.  I am now done with my SlimGenics program and have been focusing on maintaining my new weight.  This has proven to be difficult.

I’ve shifted my priority from healthy eating to other things and it’s hurting me.  I need to find a balance where I can live my life, maintain a healthy lifestyle and not go crazy over it.  I feel overwhelmed many days about the demands of life.  Food is a particular struggle because it’s always there.  More and more I’m finding that I’m just eating whatever is convenient and whatever I’m craving (old habits).  I give in.  I gain weight.  I get upset.  I eat more.  I get more upset… get the picture.

I need to get refocused and take away some unnecessary priorities and shift focus to those things that are really important to me.  I need to get energized and find that drive I had when I first started the SlimGenics program.

What do you to when you’re priorities are not in line?

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