Do you have ideas?

I’m in the process of revamping my blog and moving it over to my own domain name (to be announced soon!).  What I want to know is if you have any ideas or things you’d like to see from this blog or from me?  I want to make it a website that you want to regularly visit and get something out of.

I’m open to taking all suggestions or constructive criticism.  You can use the Contact Me! button at the top or you can comment on this post, whatever you prefer.

Thank you to all of my wonderful readers!  Have a fantastic day 🙂

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One Response to Do you have ideas?

  1. I honestly love the way you write. You’re very engaging and good at telling stories. I think you should make the blog about whatever you want. Obviously, I’m more focused on the weight-loss blogosphere right now, but success and struggles in life occur in all areas. Write about what you care about. We’re all attracted to how genuine you are, so make this what you want it to be!

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