I want a belly button!

Yes, you heard me right, I really do want a belly button.  You see, I have this idea, a fantasy if you will, about how to feel better about myself.  I want a tummy tuck.  I’ve always had a saggy tummy and never really had a belly button, it’s kinda hidden somewhere in there.  Before it was under fat and now it’s under my saggy skin.  I honestly wear slimming tank tops every day just to feel better in my clothing.  I think I look decent in my clothes, but NOT with them off.  Anyways, I’ve had two consultations with plastic surgeons and have been gathering information about the procedure.  I’ve been really anxious about the whole idea and feel that it’s never going to be a reality.  Okay, maybe one day it could be, but here’s that child in me again wanting it NOW.  It’s not really feasible now for a few reasons.

  1. I don’t feel that I can take the time off of work – recovery is about 3-4 weeks on average.  They said I could potentially work from home after 2 weeks, but then again who knows.  Plus I just started this job two months ago so I don’t think it’s a good idea.
  2. It’s expensive.  The first consult I went to was about the price I expected.  The second one was way more, plus they have a “mommy makeover” package where you can add other things to the tummy tuck so we talked about a breast augmentation as well, since that’s something I’ve wanted, but that adds a pretty penny to the price tag.
  3. The pain.  I think I have a high pain tolerance, but just thinking of the procedure makes me hurt.
  4. Recovery – I have a child, I won’t be able to take care of her.  For heaven’s sake, someone will need to take care of me and I don’t feel that I can put that responsibility on someone else – I’m too independent.  Granted BT would take care of me and he’d be okay with it too, but I’m not sure that I would.  I’m too stubborn.

So, I’ve been trying to think of options that I can be satisfied with for the time being, like saying that I could look into the option for the beginning of 2012.  That way I could save up money, roll over PTO time at work, put more money into my FSA (if this would be a covered expense) and have more planning time.  Plus I’d be more comfortable if I was able to get a grasp and maintain my weight for an extended period of time.  So all this gathering info has put me into a tizzy.  I need to stop obsessing and just know that it’s not going to happen right now and that’s okay.  All in good time, right?  Whose to even say if I’ll be happy with my body after.  I thought I’d be happy at 199 and I wasn’t.  You all know what I mean when we say “I’ll be happy when……”.  That has to stop, I need to be comfortable with myself as is for the time being until I can change something.

Well I can’t believe that I’m going to show you this, but what I heck I tell you guys everything else and you’ve seen me through this journey so far.  So here it is.

Here is before losing weight – see no belly button.

This is today’s results after losing a total of 86 pounds (pre SlimGenics and with SlimGenics) plus having a child.

So, overall is bothers me that I have this skin left.  I’d like to do something sooner rather than later since I’m an instant results kinda girl, but like I said, I don’t see if being feasible right now; however I may schedule a few more consultations just to continue getting opinions and price ranges/options.  I’ll keep you posted!  And if anyone has any good recommendations for plastic surgeons, let me know!

By the way, this was the news I was going to share with you that I mentioned in a previous blog.

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6 Responses to I want a belly button!

  1. If it’s a qualified expense for FSA payment, that would be an excellent idea for the whole thing. Paying no income tax on upwards of $5 grand would help some of the procedure pay for itself! I’m probably going to do something similar for invisalign at the new year (not covered by my insurance).

    “I’m an instant results kinda girl,” look at you, miss slimgenics! You were able to stick out the program and blow past your weight-loss goals! You have the resolve to do something that’s not immediate, and you’ve proven that, so don’t sell yourself short! Have you looked into what can be done in the way of exercise to help with that excess skin? Have you spoken to Brenda or Angie to see if they have had similar issues and how they have coped? I’m not trying to dissuade you, but I think there might be other options that are so drastic or expensive as plastic surgery. Whatever you choose to do, know that we are all proud of you and what you can accomplish!

    • danibabe2 says:

      I kinda looked and I don’t think it is a qualified expense, but that’s ok. Yes, I stuck to the program and hit my goal and everything, so I know I can be patient for things, it’s just hard somethings.

      When I spoke with the doctor(s) they said sometimes there is just skin that no amount of eating right and exercise can fix. As of now I’m trying not to obsess about it so much and all good things will come in time. So we’ll see what the future holds.

  2. Angie says:

    Oh Dani, I SOOOO know how you feel. I have the exact same thing and I often wonder if I will ever have a flat tummy again…

    And of course, when I adjusted my goal downwards my family is all worried that I’m going to lose too much – but they don’t understand what I look like without clothes on!!! It’s a totally different story!!

    Good luck!!

    • danibabe2 says:

      I know what you mean Angie about people saying things about how we look. I know that I don’t see what they see since I still have some bias opinions about myself, but I’d love to be able to not be embarrassed with my clothes off granted even if it’s only for me to appreciate. I (We’ve) worked hard and deserve to be happy with the results and sometimes maybe I just have to take an extra step to get there that wasn’t in the plan. We’ll see what happens.

      Take care lady!

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