So maybe I’m not ready to change my lifestyle. I thought I was, I thought I had. Reality sometimes slaps you really hard in the face. You can either challenge it or give up. I feel that I’m doing the latter.

Everyday I start fresh, thinking okay today I will not overeat on crappy foods. I am constantly having an internal battle that I usually lose.  How can you lose to yourself right? Well you can and I do.

It’s just a hard adjustment to constantly think about making healthy choices when for so long, I’ve eaten easy convenient foods that are NOT healthy.  I get really emotional and frustrated when I have to think about food and what choices to make.  Do you know how draining that is?  You (I) have to think about food so many times in just one day.  It get tiring to be continuously frustrated at food and at yourself.  I’m not sure how to change it, but I just keep pushing on and hoping that one day it will get just that much easier.

I am in the routine of tracking my food, which is a great step that I’ve been continuing.  I think that really helps me to be aware of what I am and am not eating (aka, vegetables or drinking all my water).  I try to make conscious choices, but sometimes I just am too overwhelmed and make the wrong (easy) choice, then I beat myself up and think I’m this big failure.  I need to try to change my mindset that it is not black and white.  I can do this and I don’t need to be so frustrated all the time….but I am at this point.  I am still adjusting my lifestyle and want to find a place that is manageable!

I do have some news to share and I’ll be posting that soon, so check back 🙂

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5 Responses to Lifestyle

  1. My uncle, a ridiculous biking fitty, has this system where for every mile he bikes (or maybe it’s ten miles… whatever, when he bikes, there is no coasting) he has worked out enough to have a beer. Are you getting in some exercise at this point? Maybe you can set up a reward system, or a “well, I had a shake tonight, so I need to do this, this, and this” system?

  2. dm says:

    one thing I’m liking about this program is the rigidity. I can’t reward myself with food, because reward food is off-plan. Do you have small goals set for along-the-way achievements and milestones? This is my plan and it’s working well. I’m working my arse off to get myself to a pedicure on Saturday. I made all mine appearance/body related, and it’s keeping me motivated.

    • danibabe2 says:

      Dawn- I did have rewards in the beginning, like when I hit 199 pounds I got a massage! Then I started a fund for every week of I was “on-plan” I put money into a pot and would be able to spend that money on clothes when I hit my goal. I found that rewards DON’T work for me though. I do what I want and buy what I want anyways, so there was no incentive to really have a goal since I didn’t stick to it. I have a hard time motivating myself and sticking to what I say I’m going to do. I do think goals are necessary and rewards (for some people) work well!

      I did go on vacation when I hit my goal…..granted I had already planned it before I hit goal, but I knew I’d make it!

  3. dm says:

    that’s totally been hard for me. not buying myself what I want and spending what I want unless I’ve earned it. Stopping myself from just doing it is what has motivated me.

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