The right track

The right track isn’t too far off, the problem is finding the path to get there.  I’d say that I should make my own path, however doing things my way usually isn’t always the best choice!

So, I’m back to trying to follow the SlimGenics plan for a few days to get back to my maintenance weight.  I’m almost 7 pounds above my goal weight, which I don’t like.  I picked a range to stay within and I’m above that.  So, I need to get my head right and do this.  I know I can, that isn’t the problem, it’s overcoming that negative voice in my head that says I can’t do this, that I’m not worth it and that I NEED chocolate (or whatever snack it’s craving).  No, I’m not crazy (okay that’s debatable!) and I don’t have voices in my head, it’s just the inner conflict that I have with myself that is hard to handle.

I’ve learned that my old value system clashes with the new values that I’m trying to put in place with my life.  My old values didn’t care about myself, didn’t think I was good enough, didn’t care about nutrition and overall I lacked in self-care among many other things unrelated to weight loss and my body image.  My new values that I’m trying to instill have to do with loving myself, putting myself as a higher priority and making good choices for myself and my family.  I succeed sometimes and then revert back others.  I’m still a work in progress, but I’m looking for the right path for me!

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3 Responses to The right track

  1. I admire you working so well through your struggles! I only hope I can have as much stamina and courage as you as I continue my process!

    I understand the NEEDing chocolate, but I was really able to overcome that today. I had a momentary craving for oreos and milk, but I was able to remind myself that the enjoyment I would gain while eating would only be canceled out after I finished and remembered how disturbing the number of oreos I’d eaten was. Also, I saw some muffins today and remembered that I wouldn’t be satisfied eating those anymore than eating something on-plan. In the end, you’re just hungry and you just need to eat something, so make it healthy instead!

    I’m trying to instill these values within myself, and I’m getting a lot of great tips from you. I don’t mean to be obsequious or anything, but thank you so much for sharing everything through your journey. You’re going to help others succeed, and I only hope I can be one of them!

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