I’ve Discovered – Day 30 (And Recap!)

I’m going to start a new 30-day series on things I’ve discovered while on my weight loss journey.

Today is day 30.

Yay, I’ve made it…..30 posts in 30 days!  Woot!  Now I’d like to give a recap of the past 29 days and give you Day 30’s lesson.  I have also posted a link to each post if you missed any or wanted to re-read certain ones!  Happy reading 🙂

Day 1 I dislike grocery shopping
Day 2 Water is my friend
Day 3 I can buying & wear new clothes and feel good about it
Day 4 I can do this
Day 5 Vegetables are not the devil
Day 6 Exercise alone will not make you drop the pounds
Day 7 It’s still odd to receive compliments
Day 8 Maintaining weight loss is hard
Day 9 Protein keeps you full longer
Day 10 I can cook, I really can and people will eat it
Day 11 I’ve gained so much confidence in myself
Day 12 I enjoy being part of an online community
Day 13 I do like Greek Yogurt
Day 14 Some days I think I’m in control of my food choices and other days I think that I have no control
Day 15 I’ve Discovered that I tend to eat more starches than I should each day
Day 16 I can be an inspiration, that people do notice me and that people are proud of my achievements
Day 17 I’ve found that a fear I had has come true.  I still struggle with food
Day 18 I deserve to be happy
Day 19 I have learned that support is necessary
Day 20 I stand in my way
Day 21 I dislike cooking
Day 22 Just because you lose the weight does NOT mean everything is the way you thought it would be
Day 23 I can live without ketchup, but sometimes I don’t want to
Day 24 If I don’t have ample time before meals or if I’m rushed, I eat crappy convenient food
Day 25 I have done a good job and I am proud
Day 26 If I make poor food choices one day, don’t get down, just make better ones the next day
Day 27 Night-time is my munching time
Day 28 Eating light bread is a good way to cut calories
Day 29 I am well aware of what I’m putting into my mouth

And finally Day 30’s lesson:  I am worth it and so are you!

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