I’ve Discovered – Day 20

I’m going to start a new 30-day series on things I’ve discovered while on my weight loss journey.

Today is day 20.

I’ve discovered that person, the one that wants me to just throw in the towel and to give up.  The  person standing in my way and preventing me from accomplishing my goals is….

You guessed it…ME.  I’m my worst enemy, by far.  I get going, doing something good for me, feeling proud and them *BAM* a slap to the face and I’m brought down with one destructive comment.  The comments continue and I get more and more convinced that all those negative things about me are in fact true.

Realistically, I want to think that I’m just being mean to myself and that it’s not true (entirely), however I have a hard time believing in myself despite all that I’ve accomplished.  It’s pretty annoying actually, I want to be proud, happy and continue a healthy lifestyle, but that other part of me, that scared little girl wants to screw me over.  And therefore I stand in my own way.

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