I’ve Discovered – Day 14

I’m going to start a new 30-day series on things I’ve discovered while on my weight loss journey.

Today is day 14.

I’ve found that some days I think I’m in control of my food choices and other days I think that I have no control.  Something just takes over and I have no say in it.  Now, I know the latter is not true, HOWEVER I do feel that way at times.

I try to have the will power to say no, to make better choices and to be “good”, but sometimes it just doesn’t go that way for me.  Some days I feel like crap and then I eat like crap as a result.  I fear so bad being fat again, yet I don’t always make the necessary choices to not go in that direction.  I let that part of me make choices that are not best for me.  Why do I do this?  Why do I let myself sabotage myself?  Over what?  Eating something tasty and feeling bad about it after only to cover it up with more tasty food?  Ummm, that’s lame.

Now I must warn you all, you’re reading this after I’ve drank a bottle of wine (to try to replace feeling bad about food) and I’m on a self-pity trip.  So, as a reminder to all of you….. I am human and I am not perfect (not that anyone thought that I had it all together anyways, right?) and that this blog deals with my real life.

Anyone else feel like dealing with food struggles will always be an issue?  I hope not, because it totally sucks.


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