I’ve Discovered – Day 6

I’m going to start a new 30-day series on things I’ve discovered while on my weight loss journey.

Today is day 6.

I’ve discovered that exercise alone will not make you drop the pounds, eating healthy was the key for me.  I must say though that a combination of both exercise and eating right is the ideal way to go however I got lost on the way.  What I mean by that is that I was exercising fairly regularly for a while before I started the SlimGenics program and was getting no where, so when I started the program and starting seeing the scale move, I somehow ended up stopping the exercise and finishing out my weight loss journey by eating healthy.  I do wish that I would have used a combination method to achieve a more sculptured body with less flab, but I didn’t so lesson learned.

Take my advice….combine exercise and healthy eating and you will be amazed!

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