I’ve discovered – Day 1

I’m going to start a new 30-day series on things I’ve discovered while on my weight loss journey.

Today is day 1.

I’ve discovered that I still dislike grocery shopping.  I always have and probably always will.  I’d like to find a neutral feeling towards the grocery store and will need to work on that!

My reasons for not liking grocery shopping are:

  • I have to spend money
  • Too many choices and I’m very indecisive.  I can’t ever decide on which is the better deal or better choice of food
  • Most days are busy in the store, and I can’t ever get out of there quickly.
  • I have to decide what items to buy and what food I can make with them (btw – I dislike cooking too, but that’ll be a topic for another day)

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3 Responses to I’ve discovered – Day 1

  1. Miranda says:

    Start using coupons! I bet your thrifty side will take over and you will forever be in love with grocery shopping. I LOVE grocery shopping…but only cause of the rush of seeing how much money I can save! 🙂

  2. Pati says:

    Now don’t immediatly disgard what I am about to say cause I know your are thrifty…Use Coborns delivery service for your grocery shopping! They deliver every day of the week. They disclose full nutritional information you can look at about each product, they take coupons, it totally eliminates impulse shopping, it saves time and gas and energy and it is wonderful! I felt guilty for months when I decided to use this service on a regular basis. I thought it cost too much until…I went to Cub one week and bought everything I had ourchased on the web the week before. The difference was a matter of a few dollars! And if I took off the things I threw in my cart at Cub that weren’t on my list, I actually saved money! Some things at Cub were cheaper but some things at Coborns is cheaper too! My time accounts for something and this just freed me up so much Danielle! I sit down with my list and just shop from home drinking my coffee (which does not spill all over me)! They even have specials and in store coupons! Seriously, it is the best decision I have mad in a long time! Now don’t get me wrong, when Cub has their boneless chicken breast buy ine get ine free, or Tombstone Pizza 4 for $10, I RUN to Cub!( Which BTW, moves things ALL THE TIME!) But for my regular weekly shopping, you just can’t beat Coborns! Problem solved!

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