What is my life?

Well, someone wanted to know now that food isn’t my life, what is, and that is a very good question.  I’m not entirely sure.  I still feel lost in some ways wondering what to do with myself.

Food is still on my mind a lot, but not nearly as much as it was before.  Now, it’s much more conscious decisions as to before I never gave a second of thought to what or how much I was eating.

My life is pretty plain actually.  I work full-time, I pick up my daughter, we run errands, eat dinner, have some together time and then she goes to bed and usually I plop my butt on the couch and surf the web until I’m ready for bed too.  I have found that I still have a hard time not eating a ton of food at night – it just seems like the thing to do while sitting there, however now I make better choices, for example I’m currently munching on some fruit.

I’m trying to find things that I enjoy.  I tend to go in spurts and get all gung-ho on a hobby only to give it up not too long later.  Some of my long running hobbies/interests are scrapbooking (which I haven’t done much of lately), blogging, reading blogs or other things online and learning more about myself.  I am learning to love myself more and more and figure out what makes me tick!

I don’t see my friends too often in person, but I do try really hard to maintain healthy relationships with my close friends.  It’s been hard being a working parent and trying to maintain a social life or any personal life that is.  I would like to find more “mom” friends that live close to me, but I’m not the best at making new friends – it’s just not my forte.

SlimGenics has been a big part of my life for the past 8 months or so.  Some of you might find that odd, but for me it’s worked.  Keeping the program close in mind, blogging about it, and being a part of the SlimGenics Online Community has been something that I’ve really enjoyed.  It’s keeping the idea of healthy eating at the forefront of my mind and that’s what I needed.

Tto this day I still write down everything I eat that way I’m always consious of my food choices and can see how I’m doing.  It helps to stop from eating “extra” things that I don’t necessary need because I can evaluate what I’ve already eaten today at glance of the paper instead of trying to remember everything.  For those of you who don’t know, I have a TERRIBLE memory.  I can’t remember things very easily and I hate it.  I’m sure it comes from years of repressing memories – not only bad ones but the good ones went along too and I would like to have a better memory, but I don’t; hence the reason I blog, it helps me to be able to look back on things.

So my life is still being figured out, I’m sure things will come and go, but overall it’s a good life!

So, now I’ll through it out there for anyone else – What is your life now that it isn’t about food?

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