Workin’ It

I was one of the clients who weighed in early this morning at SlimGenics.  They opened at 7am and I was there.  I’m such a sucker for drawings and free stuff.

So the Memorial Day Challenge was to lose 1 pound over the Holiday weekend.  I didn’t make it.  I did however still lose .75 pounds so well that stinks that I didn’t make the 1 pound to get two free weeks, but I did still lose so that’s a positive.  Now I know I’m in balance and the goal isn’t to lose, but I would like to lose a few since I’m still up since vacation.

Today I’ve been 100% on plan and I’m totally workin’ it!  I will make it through today.  It’s so much easier to get better when I get just one good day in.  Then I’m more apt to stick to it.  I guess I’m not really sure why that is, but that’s just how I work.  So, I’m hoping that today will be the start of a great streak!

Hope you are having a great day too and remember, you can do this!!

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