Life Happens

So, I was very excited at the beginning of the month because I had hit goal (post here).  Then I went on vacation and it was fantastic, however I went off plan somewhat and knew that I’d gain.  I also began week 1 of balance while on vacation. After returning from vacation and finding out my how much I gained, I jumped back on plan for a few days and then have plummeted from there.  Once I start with sweets it’s so hard to stop.  Sweets are my biggest weakness when it comes to food.

Balance has turned out to not be as easy as I had thought, it’s different from what I imagined and I’m just not used to it yet, so I’m a bit confused and therefore haven’t been following it to a T.  I did go in to the center today, despite expecting to be up (I wasn’t thankfully), and I asked a bunch of questions about balance now that I started week 3 today.  I am still 3.25 pounds above my lowest weight, but that’s OK.  I will make it back down, plus my plan was to stay between 155 and 160 and maintain that.  So, based on that I’m doing fine!

Sorry I haven’t had any enlightening posts lately, I’m just been crazy busy with work and fried at the end of the day, plus our cable and internet were out Fri-Sun.  Oh well, life happens.  Hopefully I’ll get a spark and write something good soon!  If you have ideas or things you’d like to hear about send them my way!

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