The results

I’ve started Week 31 on the SlimGenics program and Week 2 of the Balance Phase.  In those 31 weeks I have lost weight every week except 4 weeks.  Isn’t that amazing?  I mean seriously to keep something up for that long and to do a darn good job at it feels great.

Also in those 31 weeks I’ve weighed in every Monday on lunch break, however I didn’t make it in yesterday because of my new job, so I weighed in today (Tuesday).  I knew I’d be up and I had a number in my head and to my surprise I didn’t gain as much as I had thought.  Here are the results………I am up 5.75 pounds.  Oh well, I’m just jumping back on plan and going to continue with all the knowledge I’ve learned from SlimGenics!

I’m assuming that most of the weight is water weight so by next week, I hope to be back down closer to where my final goal was.

Wish me luck in staying on plan!!

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