Vacation Eating Blunders

Well, here nears the end of 5 days that were not 100% “on-plan”.  First of all, let me say that I was more conscious of the food choices I was making, which is way more than I can say for what happened on vacation last year (or my previous eating life in general).  I tried not to eat beef too many times, stuck with chicken mostly, however most of the time I ate it with seasonings.  I was sure to eat my vegetables, ordered FF dressings (or low-fat if that’s the only option they had), tried to get in my thermo-snacks, thermo-boosts and my supplements whenever I could.  I am in the balance phase now so I did get to add back in all types of fruit and veggies so that made things a bit easier when ordering at restaraunts since we ate lunch and dinner out everyday, also I was able to add back in an extra dairy this week (like cheese) so I tried to do that.

However drinking adult beverages was my downfall, I didn’t drink as much water and consumed way more alcohol then necessary, but hey I was on vacation and enjoyed it.  I just wish I would have had more water though, seriously.

I am afraid to get back on that scale tomorrow and see what damage I’ve done.  I am one of those people who eats one thing “off-plan” and I gain like a whole pound or so.  Now eating that way for numerous day is going to be detrimental I think and it makes me nervous since I just hit goal and don’t want to have to lose like 10 pounds again to get back to my goal weight 😦  I’m hopefully going to be mostly “on-plan” today.  I’m starting off the day with a protein bar and some water!  I must, must, must get in all my water today!

Well goodbye until another update 🙂

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