Noooo, you can’t make me…….

Noooo, really, you can’t make me…….. I don’t want to go back to reality, not yet.  *Kicks and fights*  Dang, I have no body weight left to hold me back…..wait I suppose that’s a good thing in most ways!  LOL

Well here I am sitting outside in the Florida sun thinking that I need to pack up all my stuff soon and get a move on it back to the airport.  I’m sad to leave here, happy to be going back to see my daughter and very nervous about starting my new job tomorrow.  Also, there won’t be much down time tonight by the time we return to Minnesota.  Our flight lands around 4:30ish, then we have to take a shuttle to get our car, go pick up my daughter and finally drive to a friend’s house to pick up my van before we can head home.  (I left my van with my mechanic friend as he was going to fix something while we were gone.)

So, needless to say there are a lot of emotions this morning (yea, yea, what’s new for me, right?  LOL)

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