Controllable AND Important

When you think about think about everything in your life they can basically fit into a few categories: Controllable, Uncontrollable, Important and Unimportant.

I’ve become to realize how unhealthy of a relationship I still have with food then I remembered about the categories.  Why was I letting food have an uncontrollable yet important hold on me?  When in reality food is 100% a controllable AND important.  *Controllable* being the key word here.

I kept saying to myself that I couldn’t control what I ate recently, it just sort of happened.  If I wanted something, I ate it – no control.  No time to even consider trying to control the situation, but I think this realization will help.  I kept repeating this idea to myself throughout the day and you know what, I wanted control……I stayed 100% on-plan because I wanted to stay that I was able to control this.

It’s funny because in “real” life, I sometimes like having control.  I’ve gotten a ton better and am not as controlling or neurotic as I used to be about it, but it was never about controlling food, that always controlled me and I must say that is completely ass backwards thinking, so I want to change it!

So, back to the chart above (that I beautifully created!).  This can be applied to SO many things in life.  You can have a number of combinations of the chart (i.e. controllable and unimportant, uncontrollable and important, ect….).

I tend to stress out about many things only to realize they were actually uncontrollable and unimportant, so why did I waste my energy on those things?  Hmm, very strange, but it’s a great observation that could possibly help me in the future.

So right now I want to believe for myself that food is controllable AND important, I just need to have the control and make the right decisions!

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2 Responses to Controllable AND Important

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  2. Cari says:

    There are some real eye openers here aren’t there? Keep on keepin’ on Danielle!

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