One week

I have only one week left of the Weight Loss Phase with SlimGenics and I’m unhappy to say, but I won’t be making my final goal that I set.  I’ve been off-track for a while and unable to pull it together to get these last 5 pounds off.

Each and everyday I’ve been saying that I’ll start over and stay on-plan today… hasn’t worked out the way I say, yet I keep trying the next day, which I suppose is good because I haven’t just completely given up, yet at the same time I’m getting frustrated that I can’t just pull it together.  Basically I’m trying to not be so hard on myself and I’m doing OK at that, but I’m not sure if it’s helpful to me.  Well, I suppose it would be worse if I was super hard on myself because I would probably do worse than I am now and I wouldn’t try anymore.  My point being that I’m not hating myself and I’m trying to accept the fact that some days will be on and some will be off but overall I just need to find a balance for real life.  Typically this is not the attitude to have during the weight loss phase, but I’ve come so far and have been on the program for 27 weeks that I’m kinda just ready to get back to life and finding that balance I need that I never had.

My first goal was 170 pounds and I hit that.  My next goal was 160 pounds, I hit that as well, so I said since I had time left I’d go for 154.5 to make it a 65 pound loss with SlimGenics, but a 60 pounds loss is still amazing and I’m proud of that!  Right now I’m hovering right around 160 pounds so if I can maintain a weight around that I will learn to be happy about that!

On a positive note, I’ve been feeling much more confident and cute in my clothing.  I’m buying things that actually fit me and not hiding behind baggy clothing.  It’s been fun to shop now, yet I still have a hard time spending a lot of money on items so Goodwill has been seeing me often, which I can still find awesome clothes at good deals there so I get more clothing since it’s cheaper!  Yay!

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