Well, Happy Easter everyone.

We don’t have big plans today besides spending time with the kids.  They are all young so they had fun trying to find the Easter baskets that were hidden for them this morning and then we’ll do an Easter egg hunt in the backyard later.

There is minimal candy in their baskets and I’m happy about that because I didn’t want the temptation around as well as I don’t feel that they need that much.

We don’t have any plans with extended family today, which is ok because then it eliminates the temptation about being around tons of off-plan delicious food.  I haven’t planned out my food for the day yet so I should probably do that because my intent is to stay on plan 100% today.

I’m not feeling super confident in myself right now so hopefully I won’t sabotage myself. I need to find some things to do that will encourage me.  I bought myself flowers the other day because I’ve found that I need to do little things for myself.  So, I’m going to try to make a list today of things that I like to do!

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One Response to Easter

  1. Cari says:

    I used to buy myself flowers as well…. It’s funny that I don’t anymore… I have someone who’s “supposed to” do that for me… But I should do it again sometime. Good reminder!

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