Bosu Balls are What?!?

I am feeling really proud right now, tired, but proud.

The other day I was asked if I exercise and I said without hesitation “yes”.  Ok, how much was the next question and then came my long silent pause.  I thought about it and really realized that my previous answer should probably have been “barely, not enough to count” or something like that.

I even hate to admit it, but I will say it here in writing that for the past 3 months or so I only get between 30 minutes to 1 hour of actual exercise per week.  Yes, I said per WEEK.  Now, I walk around at the store and to my car and clean the house and such, but nothing that gets my heart pumping.  From October 2010 to the beginning of January 2011 I was getting zero heart pumping exercises in because I was doing SlimGenics and I was losing weight so I didn’t think it was necessary nor did I have the energy to eat right AND exercise so I choose one, which was to focus on my eating.

Now, I’m proud to say that I’m choosing both!  I’ve been going to Zumba 1-2 times a week (30 minutes each) and now I recently started talking walks at home.  I’ve decided to continue working my way up and add in more.

The BEST part about all of this though and the reason for this post is because we have a fitness center here at work with free fitness classes and today I decided to do one.  In the past (2 years ago or so) I tried some of these classes and I nearly died each time and couldn’t even make it through a whole class so I stopped trying to go.  Today’s lunch time class was called Bosu Cardio Express, and I didn’t know what it was, but signed up anyways.  I then realized that “oh crap Bosu Balls are what?!?”  Ok, give it a shot anyways and away I went.

Bosu Ball

Obviously, I’m still here and I didn’t die!  I actually think I did really well for my first time, and I felt great that I was able to do it.  I did the whole class without stopping.  I didn’t do it as intense as others, but that’s to be expected.  78.5 pounds ago I nearly died trying to do fitness classes and now with those pounds gone I can finally do it and feel great.

I am so proud of myself!  I feel amazing and I’m so thankful right now for what I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve come.  Wow!

(FYI: I was able to lose 20 pounds on my own before I started SlimGenics for the grand total of 78.5 pounds lost since my highest weight which was back in 2008)

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One Response to Bosu Balls are What?!?

  1. danibabe2 says:

    My abs are really sore today. Feels good to be a little sore knowing that I actually worked out!!!

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