I had a rough night last night.  I had stayed on plan Sun, Mon and all Tuesday until it came to Tuesday evening…..I wanted to munch.  I was crabby and a emotional wreak.  I’ve always been an emotional eater and that’s been a very hard habit to change.  I do notice it a lot more often now and evaluate what the reason is that I want to eat.  Is it hunger, boredom, habit, ect?  Last night it was just because I was snacky and I was crabby.  Typically we get two of the SlimGenics snacks, well I ate four of throughout the course of the day along with all my other food.  So, technically I didn’t eat anything off plan I just ate more calories and proteins then what is recommended on the plan.  Oh well, it could have been much worse.  So props to me for not binging on cookies or something else.

I am back down to my lowest weight!  161.75!!  That is only 2.25 pounds from the goal of 159.5!  I still have about 5 paid weeks left so I’ll probably lower my goal to 155, we’ll see.

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