Slow and Steady

They say slow and steady wins the race, but I guess I’m just inpatient.

I’ve been thinking that I’ve just been wasting weeks and not losing anything or getting anywhere, but the truth is that I am getting closer to my goal (super close).  Maybe it seems like it’s moving so slowly because I weigh in every single day and it doesn’t seem to budge, but when I look at it week by week it really is showing results.  My perception is just skewed (again and/or still).

Since starting SlimGenics 23 weeks ago I have weighed in every Monday at lunchtime.  I’ve wanted to have a consistent point of where I could track my progress and I use Mondays.  I have a measurements page where I’ve posted all these weights.  I was updating it today and noticed that I’ve been going slow and steady for awhile now, especially the last month.  Seems to be a pattern of 1.5 pound loss weekly (give or take).  That is really good being I’ve been on the program this long and I’m still losing despite me not following the program all the time.  It’s been easier to slack a lot more lately and I’m trying to be OK with the fact that I’m not perfect.  I find that I’m really hard on myself when I don’t follow the plan, but then I try to justify it. I make it into a black and white situation, when in reality it’s not.  I’m trying to be more focused on the grey/middle ground area where I can have some leeway (within moderation).

Here is a glimpse into the past months Monday weigh ins:
163.5 (down 56 total, down 1.5 since last week) – 3/21/11
165 (down 54.5 total, down 1.5 since last week) – 3/17/11
166.5 (down 53 total, down zero since last week) – 3/7/11
166.5 (down 53 total, down 1.5 since last week) – 2/28/11 (week 20)
168 (down 51.50 total, down 2.5 since last week) – 2/21/11

SlimGenics has taught me so much and I’ve very grateful for the program and what it’s brought to my life.  It’s been a lot more than just losing the weight, it’s been about finding myself and learning to love me for who I am no matter where I’m at in life.  It’s a process that I’m working really hard on sorting out and trying to improve things.  As much as I want to hit my “goal” weight, it’s more than just hitting a number, it’s about becoming who I want to be.  Slowly but surely I’m working on it.  I will get there, I just have to believe in myself and never give up.

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