I think it’s time to make my drawers and closet a bit emptier.  Time to make those big yucky clothes disappear!

I tried on every tank top, shorts and capris that I own today and got rid of any (most of them) that didn’t fit or that I didn’t like.  I want only clothes in my drawers that make me feel good.  Obviously these pants needed to go……

I feel good getting rid of all that stuff!  I filled a whole garbage bag of clothes this time around!  And to think that this is the “intermittent” sized clothing of my transition.  I intitally got rid of my size 22/20 stuff and went to about 16’s, but I now had to get rid of those too because I’m now in about a size 12 (However, happy note…..I do fit some 10’s too!)

Good bye clothing!

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5 Responses to Disappear!

  1. Nicolle says:

    That’s awesome Danielle! Good for you! I love to see your comparison pictures! It’s amazing the difference.

  2. Miranda says:

    What a fun project! You look great!

  3. Gym says:

    Just came to your site by way of Skinny Emmie! Love your blog, btw. You’ve done a really great job, posting consistently is a real bonus, too!

    Nice progress so far! Tossing out (or donating, hopefully) old clothes that you no longer fit into can be so motivating. I’d encourage you to keep one pair, though. Something to look at when you’re having a rough week. See how far you’ve progressed!

  4. danibabe2 says:

    Yes, I’m donating these clothes to a friend and whatever she doesn’t want will be going to a Thrift Store!

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